Armed response and security since 2003

Street Patrols

Effective Neighbourhood Street Patrols

Patrolling the streets of Hout Bay as an added deterrent to crime.

Want a more permanent presence in your area, a guard hut on your street ? Having our officers in your area around the clock is a very successful method of curbing crimes in unsecured estates, neighbourhoods, cul de sacs and other quieter areas.

Deep Blue Security have initiated and successfully implemented street patrols in numerous neighbourhoods and are currently expanding into other potential crime hot spots in the Valley.

Neighbourhood contributions to the Localised Security Scheme are managed by our offices and our consultants help with contacting fellow neighbours to board the scheme.

Canine assisted street patrols, all our dogs are trained to track and attack on command.

Our kennels carry the Anti-Cruelty stamp of approval.

Optional electronic mag-touch points are installed for electronic tracking of the Guard Patrol

Portable two-way radio communication to our shift command, 24hr manned Control Centre and Shift Supervisors

All incidences are reported to the Control Room and Armed Response officers are despatched if necessary