Armed response and security since 2003

Terms and Conditions


This Agreement is valid for six months from the Armed Response commencement date pertaining to the submitted address. Thereafter the service will continue on a month to month bases. All radio or GSM transmitters installed by Deep Blue Security remain the property of Deep Blue Security and will be collected upon expiry of this Agreement or upon cancellation after the 6 month period. Deep Blue Security shall not be liable for any costs resulting from a delay in rendering or failure to render any service for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, circumstances.

Debit Order Mandate

I hereby authorize Deep Blue Security to draw against the submitted account from the above mentioned bank the sum of R350 (Three hundred and fifty Rand) or any variable amount pertaining to this Agreement either on the last ordinary business day, 7th or 25th of each month. This being the amount necessary for the settlement of the monthly fees due in respect of this Agreement.

All such withdrawals from this account will be treated as though they have been signed by me personally. I instruct your agent Netcash (Pty) Ltd to draw against the account. I understand that the withdrawals will be processed by BankServ.

I agree to pay the banking charges relating to this debit order instruction.

I understand that I shall not be entitled to any refund amounts withdrawn whilst this authority was in force without prior written consent of the authorized party.