Armed response and security since 2003

Why choose Deep Blue Security


A Passion for Hout Bay

The right choice for you

  • Operating only in Hout Bay, Deep Blue Security has in-depth knowledge of Hout Bay’s unique local circumstances and criminal activities.
  • Full corporate member of SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association)
  • Deep Blue Security Pty (Ltd) is 100% Hout Bay owned.
  • Operational for well over a decade
  • Continues to carry out successful arrests, having made hundreds since 2003.
  • Deep Blue Security is the only security company with a SAIDSA approved 24/7 Armed Response Control Centre based in Hout Bay, fully equipped with backup generators in case of power failure, preventing loss of alarm signals and repeaters breaking down. This has shown to be the case with the security companies based further away from Hout Bay.
  • Deep Blue Security has the best client to controller ratio in Hout Bay, avoiding “queuing” of alarm signals at the Control Centre, ensuring faster response times.
  • Monitoring only residents in Hout Bay, alleviates the issue of tens of thousands of clients joining a queuing log at the Control Centre waiting to be serviced.
  • Deep Blue Security offers a meet and greet service.
  • Armed Response vehicles are automatically dispatched on activation alert.
  • Armed Response vehicles have no limitations on mileage per shift, enabling them to be more proactive with crime prevention and other emergencies.
  • Deep Blue Security has the best Armed Response vehicle-to-client ratio (amount of clients per vehicles) in Hout Bay ensuring faster response times.

  • Deep Blue Security successfully founded, financed, manned and equipped the highly effective Watchcon in Hout Bay.
  • Free paramedical assistance is dispatched in emergencies due to our partnership with Hout Bay EMS.
  • No extra monthly increases, levies or hidden costs are incurred.
  • No lengthy contracts.
  • Up to 18 months subscription waiver in the event of death, retrenchment or disability.
  • Deep Blue Security works in association with and is connected by radio and telephone to Watchcon, the Hout Bay Police, Hout Bay EMS and all other security and service providers in Hout Bay.